“Nissin Cup Noodles Bukkomi Meshi” Review: try the immoral taste of putting rice into ramen soup

(This article was originally posted in Japanese on 22:00 Mar. 27, 2017)

Nissin Food Products Company released their new product named "Cup Noodles Bukkomi Meshi" from March 27, 2017. ("Bukkomi" means "to put in, to hammer in", and "Meshi" means "rice".) They say that "It reproduces exceptional taste with immorality, the taste of putting rice into a ramen soup after eating noodle". It is said that Nissin elaborated "a sinful taste" seriously, so we tried it.

"Cup Noodle Bukkomi Meshi", "Chicken Ramen Bukkomi Meshi" (March 27, April 17 on sale) | Nissin

Cup Noodle Bukkomi Meshi | Nissin

These are Cup Noodles Bukkomi Meshi.

The ingredients: Rice, Soup, Seasoned minced pork, Seasoned egg, Seasoned shrimp. Soup is made from lard, salt, soy sauce, spice, chicken extract, pork extract, powdered mianma, which is as same as the soup of normal Cup Noodles except lard.

346kcal per meal, 3.6g salt included.

Comparing to normal Cup Noodle. The container of Cup Noodle Bukkomi Meshi is thicker and shorter. Cup Noodle is 77g, and Cup Noodle Bukkomi Meshi is 90g.

Opening the lid, you can see shrimp, egg, mysterious meat (so-called "Nazo-niku"), and leek.

Pour hot water into the cup.

Wait for five minutes, a little longer than normal Cup Noodles.

Five minutes after, stir it well, and it's ready to eat.

First drink soup. It tastes exactly as same as the soup of Cup Noodles, with good scent and spicy flavor.

Eat rice with soup. Since Cup Noodle Bukkomi Meshi contains rice instead of fried noodle, it tastes lighter than normal Cup Noodles. However, with such a simple taste, it perfectly reproduces "the taste of putting rice into the soup after eating noodles of Cup Noodle". Cup Noodle Bukkomi Meshi tastes less stronger than normal Cup Noodle, so it must be good to eat after drinking alcohol.

Nazoniku is contained as follows. As eating slowly, rice becomes soft and melts into soup, and gradually soup, ingredients, rice become unified. It becomes thick like a risotto, which may differ from Cup Noodle.

In order to compare the taste, cook Cup Noodle.

A junk-food flavor and spicy taste on the first mouthful seems much stronger.

Even if you hesitate to put rice into soup after eating ramen because you think it is a bad manner, you may be able to try its taste without feeling guilty when you eat Cup Noodles Bukkomi Meshi. You can buy Nissin Cup Noodles Bukkomi Meshi for 220 yen (about $2.20) plus tax in Japan. In addition, Nissin Chicken Ramen Bukkomi Meshi will be released on April 17, 2017.

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