Videos of Superhot Boothbabes Demonstrating Kinect for Xbox 360 at Tokyo Game Show 2010

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 20:55 Sep. 16, 2010)

Here are some videos we've shot of the hot girls at Xbox 360's booth and Konami's booth in Tokyo Game Show 2010 showing their moves on Kinect games including Dance Evolution(Dance Masters) and Kinectimals.

Videos and pics after the cut!

Microsoft's Xbox 360 booth at Tokyo Game Show 2010.

Kinect games were the main feature.

The girls will perform on the center stage, and the fenced area surrounding the stage is where the visitors can actually play Kinect games.

If you can wait as long as 100 minutes, that is.

But why not? The whole new controller-less fun might well be worth the wait.

Demonstration of Kinetimals(called Kinect Animals in Japan) started on the stage.

Here she's choosing the animal she wants to play with.
YouTube - Kinectアニマルズ:一緒に遊びたい動物をジェスチャーで選択

Pet him to see if you're compatible. He's an African leopard cub, by the way.
YouTube - Kinectアニマルズ:「この子とあそぶ?」決定画面

If you like him, choose "Yes" when you're asked "Do you want to play?". If you want to pet other big cats, choose "No."
YouTube - Kinectアニマルズ:「この子とあそぶ?」決定画面

Mimicking game. Copy the animal's moves.
YouTube - Kinectアニマルズ:動物のアクションにチャレンジ-ジャンプ編

Turn around and jump!
YouTube - Kinectアニマルズ:くるっと回ってぴょんぴょん跳ねるアクション

Tossing a beach ball. Looks fun.
YouTube - Kinectアニマルズ:ボールの打ち合いっこゲーム

Next they demonstrated Konami's Cross Board 7 (due Nov. 20, 2010).

YouTube - Kinect対応コナミ「クロスボード7」メニュー操作の様子

Here's the gameplay.
YouTube - Kinect対応「クロスボード7」ゲームプレイ

Dance Evolution by the developers of Dance Dance Revolution.

YouTube - マイクロソフトブースでのKinect対応「Dance Evolution」実演

You can try Konami's two titiles at Konami's booth.

Here you can try DanceEvolution.

20 minutes' wait.

A booth babe will dance with you.

Is it me, or do these video look like the ones that show you why a guy should encourage her girlfriend play Wii Fit?

YouTube - KONAMIブースでのKinect対応「DanceEvolution」プレイアブル出展

YouTube - KONAMIブースでのKinect対応「DanceEvolution」その2

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