Hatsune Miku and other Vocaloid Figures in Wonder Festival 2010 Summer

Recently Crypton, the developer of the most famous Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, unveiled on their Twitter account that now USA makes 30% of the whole Vocaloid music sales on Apple iTunes store. Crypton say they couldn't figure out why, but it seems that Vocaloids and their tunes are gradually gaining popularity not only in Japan but also internationally.

In Wonder Festival 2010 Summer we found many Miku and other Vocaloids' figures including Vocaloid Lily coming on August 25, 2010.

Read on for detail.

Good Smile Company had many Vocaloid figures. This is VOCALOID2 Lily, an upcoming Vocaloid to be released this summer. The figure itself is coming out in November, 2010.

"Character Vocal Series 01 - Hatsune Miku Tony Illustration Ver." To be released in January, 2011(Price: TBA).

"Character Vocal Series 01 Hatsune Miku - Go-kin Hachune Miku"

"Vocalo 4-Panel Comic Theater Non-Fiction! Utahime-san mikumix Utahime-san(Ms. diva)"

"Hatsune Miku Orchestra Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition" To be available in Winter 2010.

Sample display of "Racing Miku". Miku wearing pit crew costume.

Nendoroid "Racing Miku". To be available in Septemper 2010.

"Racing Miku Set", set of pull-back Porsche and three Vocaloid Nendoroid. To be available at 3000 Yen(about $34 dollar). The price will be 4500 Yen if you want to sponsor racing team "GoodsmileRacing with COX".

Sample Display of "Character Vocal Series01 MIKU Append"

"Character Vocal Series01 Hatsune Miku Love is War Ver."(Price: TBA)

figma "Character Vocal Series03 Megurine Luka" To be released in October 2010 at 2800 Yen($32 USD)

They are not actually Vocaloid figures, but will match with them. "ex:ride ride.010 Animal Car(Panda/Tiger/Bear)" 2480 Yen($28 USD)

Just the right size for Vocaloids to ride on.

Good Smile Company booth also had Black Rock Shooter related figures. This figure is used in stop motion animation included in Black Rock Shooter anime DVD & BD.

This "Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter set" also comes with anime DVD & BD.

Black Rock Shooter.

Dead Master.

"Dead scythe" To be released in October, 2010.

"★Rock Canon" sold at 3000 Yen($34 USD).

This "Black Rock Shooter" Nendoroid is sold separately from DVD and BD at 3500 Yen($40 USD) in August 2010.

Nendoroid "Dead Master". Prices TBA.

Figma "Dead Master". To be in the store in October 2010 at 3000 Yen($34 USD)

Figma "Black Gold Saw" Price and release date TBA.

Figma "Black Rock Shooter" is to be released in August 2010.

PVC doll "1/8 Black Rock Shooter - animation version -". To be released in October 2010 at 9800 Yen($112 USD)

Interpreted with much dynamics.

"Dead Master - animation version -" Price TBA.

"Black Rock Shooter - Black blade ver.-" Now on sale.

This "Black Rock Shooter" is also on sale.

"Dead Master - original version -" to be sold in November 2010 at 9800 Yen($112 USD)

The booth had some artworks of Black Rock Shooter.

Life-sized ★Rock Canon.

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