“One Piece” Figure “Portrait Of Pirates” Series and Sexy Heroine Posters

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 23:45 July 26, 2010)

One Piece figures from MegaHouse's "Portrait.Of.Pirates" line were on display at Wonder Festival 2010 Summer alongside sexy waterproof posters of bikini-clad heroines (we believe they're waterproofed so you can put them up on your shower wall). There was also an autographed illustration by the original manga's creator Eiichiro Oda.

Pics after the cut!

MegaHouse's booth at Wonder Festival 2010 Summer.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates Monkey D. Luffy", to be on sale this December for 6,300 yen (about $73).

"Portrait.Of.Pirates Portgas D. Ace", 6,300 yen ($73), due December.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates Whitebeard (Edward Newgate)", 9,240 yen ($107), due December, 2010.

Whitebeard's a seriously tall guy.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates Monkey D. Garp", to come out this winter.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece NEO-7 Tashigi", now available for 5,250 yen ($61)

"Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece NEO-7 Commodore Smoker", 5,985 yen ($69).

"Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece Series NEO-DX Boa Hancock", 7,140 yen, to come out in late August.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates Captain Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teach)", to come out this winter.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece NEO-DX Jimbei", 8,400 yen ($97), due November, 2010.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece Series NEO-DX Crocodile", now available for 7,140 yen ($83).

The Straw Hat Pirates as they appear in the movie One Piece: Strong World.

All dressed to impress.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece STRONG EDITION Nami Ending Ver.", as she appears in the end title. 5,565 yen ($64), due September, 2010.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates Roronoa Zoro", 5,985 yen ($69), now on sale.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates Tony Tony Chopper", 2,100 yen ($24), now on sale.

Illustration and autograph by Eiichiro Oda.

"Portrait.Of.Pirates Straw Hat Theatre" series has chibi-tised Luffy in three versions. This one's the "Marine Fort Ver."

"Shabondy Ver."

"Memorial Log Ver."

To be released this August.

Here are the waterproof posters.


Nefertari Vivi

Nico Robin

Boa Hancock

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