1/1 Scale “Noblesse Oblige” Cell Phone Mock-Up from “Eden of the East”

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 11:16 July 25, 2010)

In the anime Eden of the East, the hero Akira Takizawa owns a cell phone with the phrase "noblesse oblige" printed on it and 8.2 billion yen in digital money credit. Intricately detailed mock-up of this cell phone was sold at Wonder Festival 2010 Summer.

Read on for details and pics.


The cell phone was on display at Artifact's booth.

15,000 yen (about $172) sounds quite pricy for a mock-up.

Limited 10 models were available.

Comes in several colour schemes.

There was a copy of the novel autographed by its author.

Painstakingly detailed.

You can't use it as a phone, but you can sort of pretend like it's working, by keeping a Suica in it.

Sort of an asymmetrical clamshell.

Sold out within minutes while we were taking pictures.

According to the booth person, Artifact will bring this "noblesse" phone again to the next Wonder Festival.

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