“Google Recipe Search” service launched in Google Japan

One of the reason we like to be in Japan is wide variety of foods we can eat in the country. And not only eating, you can have a whale of a time on joy of cooking. Supermarket is full of materials from all over the world and there are flood of recipes in the Internet. To handle these recipes, Google Japan launched "Google Recipe Search" service.

Read on for detail.

(JP)Google Japan Blog: Recipe Search launched to increase the enjoyment of cooking

Just type in whatever you want to make for your dinner and search as usual. This time, Sushi.

Then you will get regular search results.

Now click "Recipe" in the side column.

Then you will get search result of Sushi recipe.

寿司 - Google 検索

You can filter results by clicking here. You can filter them by cooking time, calories and recipe sites you want to use as a data source.

Here's a result for curry and rice.

カレー - Google 検索

You can use English but you will get fewer result. Here's a result for "Pizza". Regretfully the service seems to be optimized only for Japanese search.

pizza - Google 検索

If you want to read results in English, try translation service. Copy URL here and paste it on Google Translation service.

Seems to be working fine.

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