Matching Rings for you, and your figurines

An industry statistics say that a new figurines come into the world every two days. This makes Japan heaven for anime figure modelers, but also this gives rise to a problem; How should enthusiastic collectors show their love? How could he classify the dearest one from so many of them?

Facing the problem, Japanese toy manufacturer Questioners brought a pair of matching rings for you and your figurine.

Read on for detail.

Questioners Co, Ltd.

Name of this matching rings "7/6R" means that these are rings for 1/6 scale figures and 1/1 scale humans(owners); 1/6 + 1/1 = 7/6. Designed for both men and women and made from SV925 sterling silver. Sold at 9800 Yen(about $107USD).

So here's matching rings for you and your figure.

A Figures' ring with rose charm is only this big. Matches 1/6 scale figures(about 12" tall)..

There's a base hall on the larger ring.

You can set the smaller ring here.

See the left hand of Amane Shiratori

The ring can be worn like this.

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