Deco-Motorcycles “Itansha” Covered In Various Moe-Characters

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Here are our Itansha(lit. pain-motorcycle, motorcycle equivalent of Itasha) pics from Moe-Haku 2010.

Compared to a car, available surface area to decorate is limited on a motorcycle. While some itansha looked discreet enough to go unnoticed while running, some had every imaginable spaces adorned with anime and game characters.

Pics after the cut!

This Suzuki Katana doesn't look so strange from afar.

Up close, you can tell it's definitely an itansha.

Featuring Kudryavka Noumi from Little Busters!.

The illustrations were mostly in black and white but the seat cover was coloured.

"Kism" is "Kudryavka-ism".

With a matching Little Busters! helmet.

Otaku-fied Harley Davidson cruiser featuring Touhou Project.

Yukari Yakumo on front fairing.

Titles of the past Touhou games.

Again, done mostly in black and white.


Kyoto Animation itansha featuring Lucky Star, Haruhi Suzumiya and K-On!.

Nagato and Haruhi.

Haruhi and Mikuru.

More Haruhi.

Lucky Star.


To Heart 2 itansha.

Featuring Sasara Kusugawa and Marianne.

Between Sasara and Marianne, the owner seems to be leaning towards Sasara.

"Student council president permits you to take pictures of this itansha."

Other characters could be seen on reserve tanks of the rear suspension.

Even a supersport motorcycle gets otaku-fied. This one's a Shuffle!-themed itansha.

Mainly features Kaede Fuyou.

Asa, Kaede and Lisianthus.

Helmet also features Kaede.

Game developer Navel's URL on the rim of the wheel.

A somewhat discreet Honda CBR-based itansha.

Some trophies won by the owner were on display.

Game developer Nitroplus, action figure brand Figma and anime studio Gonzo's logo can be seen.

Ignis from eroge Jingai Makyo.

Another Ignis on the fuel tank.

Superdeformed Haruhi Suzumiya and action figure maker Kotobukiya's sticker next to motor oil company EVOLEX's sticker.

Itansha fwaturing upcoming eroge Aiyoku no Eustia.

Heroine Eustia Astraea.

Based on Suzuki's scooter Choinori but totally beefed-up.

"Lowriders are dumbriders."

The Idolmaster itansha.

Featuring Chihaya Kisaragi.

Chihaya figurine.

A maxi-scooter adorned with characters designed by Aoi Nishimata from various eroge by Navel.

Showing off the owner's collection of character pillows.


Playing game demo of Suffle! on PSP.


"This is an Itansha. Sorry for disturbing you."

"I'm sorry...does it hurt?"

Loveplus itansha.

Three heroines.

Nene Anegasaki must be the owner's favourite.

Nene will keep his coffee hot.

Itansha featuring Moe-Haku2010's official character.

Every possible surface seem to be decorated.

With matching helmet.

Two types of helmets were on sale for 19,000 yen (about $202).

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