Enjoy Hanami On Your Desk with “Magic Sakura” Mini Desktop Cherry Blossom Tree

Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of picnicking and partying under sakura trees to socialise and enjoy the beauty of flowers at the same time.

Sakura trees in full bloom can be quite enticing, but not everyone can visit Japan during its bloom (usually from the end of March to mid-April). In that case, this "Magic Sakura" can be a nifty alternative. The little paper tree slowly comes into full bloom on your desk, just like the real flower.

Read on for details and pics.

(Japanese)"Magic Sakura" for desktop Hanami - Tokyo Walker

"Magic Sakura" by OTOGINO came out today on March 10, 2010. Currently available on the official website for 578 yen (about $6.40).


Unfold the paper tree and set it on the plastic tray.

Spread out the branches.

Pour the "Magic Water" (which is acually a solution of sodium acetate and colouring agents).

The Magic Water will gradually crystallize.

And your tree will come into full bloom in about 24 hours.

The flowers will start to fall down in about two or three days, just like the real sakura trees. You can enjoy the slowly falling flower for a month. The colour and shape of the flower will be different for each tree, reflecting the humidity, temperature and light.

The tree is 13.5cm tall, pefect for your desktop. The Magic Water is made of non-toxic, odor-free food additives, safe for children above 6 but parental guidance is recommended for children aged 10 and under.

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