Gundam and Kamen Rider Advent Calendar “Minna no Advent” by Bandai

Advent calendars are fun. Why not use them to celebrate occasions other than Christmas? Why not anime-themed trinkets?

Bandai's new products "Minna no Advent"(lit. Everybody's Advent) series are collectible toys in Advent calendar style package with ten windows you can open one by one to count the days till your birthday, pay day, or any other special day. The first lineup are themed on Mobile Suit Gundam and Kamen Rider Series, to come out on March 20, 2010.

Read on for details and pics.

(Japanese)BANDAI::Press Release "Minna no Advent: Mobile Suit Gundam One Year War" and "Minna no Advent: Kamen Rider Heisei Rider"

Gundam version is themed on the One Year War. To be released on March 20. Available for pre-order via and other websites at around 2,500 yen ($27.70).

The goodies in Gundam Advent Calendar includes:

Figurine of either RX-78 Gundam or G3 Gundam. 65mm tall with movable neck and shoulder joint.

"Peace Maker Figure Char Aznable", 65mm. Reproduction of Bandai's popular "Peace Maker" die-cast toy line from the '70s.

"M'quve's Urn". Porcelain vase owned by M'quve, the decadent and amoral antagonist who collects antique vases. 40mm high.

"Amuro's Doll", 50mm. The wooden doll Amuro Ray was playing with in a scene depicting his childhood.

"Earth Federation Forces Helmet", 35mm (one of three).

"Zeon's Time Bomb Magnet", the ones set in Jaburo by the Zeon army that the three kids Katz, Letz and Kikka deactivated. Set of three magnets.

More trinkets including keychains and stickers will be hidden behind the windows. See them for yourself. "Minna no Advent: Mobile Suit Gundam" is to be released on March 20, available for pre-order via and other websites at around 2,500 yen(about $27).

Kamen Rider version focused on Heisei Riders(relatively new installments of the franchise aired in Heisei period) will also come out on March 20.

Includes figurine of either Kamen Rider Decade(left) or Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form(right), 65mm tall.

"Peace Maker Figure Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form", addition to the '70s "Peace Maker" line by Bandai. 60mm.

"Mini Figure DenLiner Coffee", the coffee served at buffet car on the time train DenLiner in Kamen Rider Den-O.

"Kamen Rider Hibiki's Drum Magnet", 28mm.

"Minna no Advent: Kamen Rider" is also available for pre-order on and other websites.

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