Ultra Light-weight Model Plane Float in the sky in Sora-Fes!

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 23:56 Mar. 07, 2010.)

One of the oddest things to fly is the ultra-light weight model plane. Seeing it flying in quite a slow speed, you might want to say it is more "floating" than "flying". It's slow, gentle, just like soap bubble in the air.

But its mechanism is as sophisticated as a Swiss-made watch, combining smaller-than-fingernail parts with hair-thin wires. And even surprising is that they do all these as hobby, not a paid work.

In Sora-Fes, a model airplane-themed con held in Tokyo on Mar. 06, 2010, there were splendid model planes as light as a piece of paper. Just take a look at the great works.

Read on for detail.

Sora-Fes! Official Site

Light-weight model planes in Sora-Fes.

Many types of ultra-lightweight model plane, including multiplanes and ornithopters.

Here's a video of flying ultra-lightweight model planes showing quite an elegant movement.

YouTube - Ultra-lightweight model planes floating in air in Sora-Fes!

Multiplane made with balsa material.

For beginners, you should use styrene board for fuselages and wings, for its much lighter than balsa woods and workable.

YouTube - Ultra-lightweight Multiplane slowly flying in Sora-Fes!

Its mechanism is light and precise. What you can see in this picture are FM receiver, motor, and battery connector.

60cm Meganeura by Habataki Hiko-ki Seisaku Kobo, a giant four-winged ornithopter.

It's like a bird wandering for its prey.

YouTube - A giant ornithopter flying in Sora-Fes!

Even more compact mechanism.

There is nothing unessential on this plane.

From the top.

Battery is coin-sized. This size makes these planes fly for five minutes.

The battery is small, but its a heavy load for these lightweight planes.

Even smaller ornithopter was also displayed.

Not only radio waves, they also used infrared light for controlling airplanes.

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