“Kara no Kyoukai” meets “Melty Blood”, SEGA brought a playable demo in AOU 2010

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 18:57 Feb. 19, 2010.)

Melty Blood franchise was originally started as doujin fighting game by TYPE-MOON and Watanabe Seisakusho, and later released in consumer consoles and arcade.

In AOU 2010, SEGA brought the sequel Melty Blood Actress Again Counter Code featuring new characters. Based on PS2 game Melty Blood Actress Again, the game added Shiki Ryogi and Akiha Tohno from TYPE-MOON's Kara no Kyoukai. Also hardwares are buffed up from NAOMI board to RINGWAIDE board for greater graphics and sound.

Read on for detail.

SEGA booth had 4 playable demos.

Shiki Ryogi's popup board.


Two new characters.

Ciel vs Shiki Ryogi.
YouTube - Melty Blood Actress Again Counter Code gameplay 1/2

Mechanical Hisui vs Arcueid
YouTube - Melty Blood Actress Again Counter Code gameplay 1/2

The official site has character descriptions etc.
MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code


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