Everybody Loves Sci-Fi; Aliens, Predators and other Sci-Fi Figures in Wonder Festival 2010 Winter

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 01:31 Feb. 09, 2010.)

Everything, whether fictional or not, can be a motif of a figure. Among them, characters from Sci-Fi are especially preferred as a subject.

In Wonder Festival 2010 Winter, plastic model manufacturer Kaiyodo brought their new products for Revoltech line. Named "Tokusatsu Revoltech", series begin with well-known sci-fi classic Alien with a great depiction of its slimy weird surface.

Read on for detail.

Kusou Kagaku Daizenshu Tokusatsu Revoltech SCI-FI REVOLTECH

"Alien" and "Daimajin" come out as a first group of the series on April 1st.

The "Alien"

Weirdly designed skull.

Squatting down


An egg and Facehugger are included in the set.

We shouldn't have taken its close-up photo.

Chris Wala, a special effect person of the movie, is said to have given a great praise on this.

And "Daimajin", a live-action Sci-Fi in early days follows.

Furrowing one's brow, he stares up at the sky.

An evil samurai lord gets claw-hold.

Wielding its sword.

There was a giant figure of Daimajin at the booth.

Here are on-going items for the series. "Queen Alien" from Alien 2


And "Jack Skellington" from Nightmare Before Christmas

His skulls are replacable.

"Giant Robo" and GR2 from Mituteru Yokoyama's classic manga.

The design is brought from the original comic.

Deadly foe GR2. Unfortunately it was not colored yet.

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