Figures of Various Characters from Dojin Game “Touhou Project”

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Here's a roundup of numerous works related to Touhou Project(or Toho Project) exhibited at Wonder Festival 2010 Winter. It's amazing how popular the dojin bullet hell shooters became.

Pics after the cut!

Touhou goods were the main feature at Gift's booth. This is the catalogue of the 7th Hakurei Shrine Reitaisa(Touhou Con) bundled with special figurine.

"Nendoroid Petite Reimu Hakurei"

1/8 scale Reimu Hakurei figure, to be on sale in April, 2010.

Large stuffed toy of Cirno the Ice Fairy.

Dojin shop Toranoana's booth.

Toho Shushuroku 1 to be on sale in mid February.

Toho Shushuroku(Toho Collection) is a set of eight figurines.

True to illustrator Mota's style.

Figure of Sanae Kotiya, to be released in March, 2010.

Different base for each character.

"Nendoroid Sanae Kochiya" by Good Smile Company, to be on sale this April.

"Nendoroid Sakuya Izayoi" is to come out in May.

From here on are works from Griffon's booth. This one is 1/8 scale Yuyuko Saigyouji, exclusive model for Wonder Festival.

1/8 scale Youmu Konpaku, the half-human half-ghost gardener.

1/8 scale Flandre Scarlet, the devil's little sister in "Abyss Black Colour" version.

1/8 scale Alice Margatroid "Forest Green Colour" version.

Reimu Hakurei from "Figyutto!" action figure line.

Figyutto! Sakuya Izayoi.

Fugyutto! Marisa Kirisame.

Special coloured versions to be sold exclusively at Reitaisai (the Touhou Con to be held on Mar. 14) were on display. This one is Kaguya Houraisan.

Eirin Yagokoro.

Sakuya Izayoi.

Patchouli Knowledge.

Remilia Scarlet.

Marisa Kirisame.

Reimu Hakurei.

1/8 scale Flandre Scarlet, to be on sale in March.

1/8 scale Kaguya Houraisan, to be on sale in April.

1/7 scale Sakuya Izayoi Battle Version, to be on sale this April.

Komachi Onozuka, to be on sale in May.

Sikieiki Yamaxanadu is also to come out this May but the model on display was uncoloured.

From here on are works by individual sculptors (as in, not commercially released by companies).

Befull's Sakuya Izayoi.

Reimu Hakurei by Works Sapporo.

Sakuya Izayoi by Works Sapporo.

Sakuya Izayoi by MouseUnit.

Suika Ibuki by MouseUnit.

Cirno by T's system.

Yukari Yakumo by T's system.

Aya Shameimaru by T's system.

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