Abundance of “K-On!” Figures at Wonder Festival 2010 Winter

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Seems like the popularity of K-On! has not diminished one iota since the TV anime's conclusion. In fact, with the 2nd season announced, the number of K-On! figures showcased at Wonder Festival seemed to have doubled since last summer.

So here's our roundup of K-On! figures from Wonder Festival 2010 Winter. Not only the band members but minor characters like Yui Hirasawa's sister Ui were also on display.

Pics after the cut!

Good Smile Company' booth. New band member Azusa Nakano joined the Nendoroid lineup.

Nendoroid Azusa Nakano, to come out in May, 2010.

Ritsu Tainaka.

Tsumugi Kotobuki.

Nendoroid K-ON! Mio and Ritsu: Live Stage Set

Wearing the outfits from the Sakura High Festival performance. You can change their faces to comical expressions.

figma Ui Hirasawa: School Uniform ver.

Ui is main heroine Yui Hirasawa's younger sister.

"figma Azusa Nakano: School Uniform ver." will come out in June.

Mio Akiyama in maid outfit.

Another Mio.

K-On! characters will soon come out in Dollfie Dream premium fashion doll lineup by Volks. Mio and Yui were on display.

Details including the release date and price are as yet to be announced.

Azusa Nakano by Alter.

Mio by Alter.

Another Mio. Great job on long black hair.

"Sakura High K-on Club" by Azone in outfits from the Sakura High Festival performance.

Life-sized panel of Wonder Festival exclusive Ritsu Tainaka doll.

With silky hair and clothes made of fabric, it's more of a fashion doll than action figure.

From here on are works by individual sculptors, not commercially released by companies.

Mio Akiyama by Udon Kohboh.

Carrying her guitar case.

Yui Hirasawa by Udon Kohboh.

The posture seems a bit unnatural.

1/7 scale Azusa Nakano by the poppy puppet.

Hugging her treasured guitar.

Azusa Nakano with cat ears by the poppy puppet.

1/7 scale Yui Hirasawa by the poppy puppet.

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Abundance of “K-On!” Figures at Wonder Festival 2010 Winter - GIGAZINE

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