Breathalyzer-Cum-Twitter Bot “Akiduki Drunk” Tweets How Drunk You Are

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 22:01 Jan. 25, 2010)

The geeky trio of Koress Project known for Akiduki Pulse(heart rate posting device that lets your Twitter followers know you're alive) have kindly sent us their new creation Akiduki Drunk for a test.

As you can guess from the name, Akiduki Drunk is essentially a breathalyzer that also tweets the state of your intoxication, which sounds actually a lot more useful and fun than the heart rate tweeter.

So we gave it a go!

(Japanese) We sent our newly developed tweeting device somewhere

The test was conducted on a Friday afternoon so one of our staff got legitimate reason to drink during business hours.

The snacks are jerky, cashew and almond, pepperoni and Cheese Tara, little square of cheese sandwiched by sheets of dried fish (or more like super-thin dried kamaboko, we're not sure how to precisely describe this), which might sound peculiar but actually tastes good.

The booze of choice today is Ron Rico Gold.

As for chaser, our subject opted for Coke and Pepsi since there were still some work to do and the caffeine might help.

Here's the device.

It says "Akiduki Doranku"(Akiduki Drunk) in katakana.

Power switch, LAN cable jack and power jack on the back. The red label says "Koresu Purojekuto"(Koress Project) in katakana.

The Twitter logo was a sticker. Cute.

So we connected the cables and turned on the power.

Getting the IP address.

The sensor automatically heats upon startup to blow away the remnant alcohol in the box.

So you have to wait a little.


But wait, before drinking, you must enter your Twitter account and password using the dial.

This is where you aim your breath.

First, our test subject got their breath analysed before drinking. "Alcohole=958!" Don't mind the extra e.



"horoyoi nau."(tipsy now.) The subject was completely sober at this point (at least 12 hours since the last alcohol consumption) but the device's four-level drunkenness scale doesn't include "sober now".

Anyway, let's get going! "Don't pour your first drink yourself" may be one of the lesser-known Japanese manners.

Level 1: horoyoi nau (tipsy now), 777points.

Level 2: shosho hebereke nau (a bit drunk now), 2192.

Level 3: daibu hebereke nau (considerably drunk now), 2464. We're not sure how the numbers are related to blood alcohol level but the higher you score, the wasted you are.

Some hours later.

The snacks were half gone. If you don't have special lazy-tongs to prevent your fingers getting greasy, chopsticks is the next best thing for munching at work.

And the booze seemed to be half gone too.

Which means about 350ml of rum was consumed, equivalent of 140ml pure alcohol.

And the drunkenness scale reached Level 4: taihenna hebereke nau (extremely drunk now), 5579.

Akiduki Drunk actually has a secret highest level, "shouten nau"(now on my way to the great beyond), but our workers' compensation insurance surely won't cover that so we concluded the test here.

The subject promptly passed out after that.

A device like this might sell quite well if you manage to make it compact, wireless and good-looking, something along the line of Rotgutonix. There's already an iPhone breathalizer so making it able to tweet might be a good idea.

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