Annual “Birdman Contest”, a Man-Powered Aircraft Competition to be held again

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 12:48 Jan. 19, 2010.)

"Toriningen Contest" or so-called Birdman Rally had been one of the biggest arena for private man-powered airplane flyers in Japan. It has been discontinued for economical reasons, but this year it's coming back.

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33th Toriningen Contest Entrants Application

According to YTV's official web page, the competition is to be held from July, 24 to July 25th, 2010. It will be fought by 85 entrants in 3 categories, which are "Gliders", "Man-powered planes - distance" and "Man-powered planes - duration".

Dramas between entrants and dynamic airplanes(and joke jumps) made it a favored TV program of summer in Japan, but due to falling advertising revenue and rising cost on digital-TV equipments, Yomiuri TV decided to cancel 2009's competition.

Once Quit for rising cost, TORININGEN CONTENST to be held again : News : Entertainment : YOMIURI ONLINE

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