DeAGOSTINI launches “Weekly Evangelion Chronicle Revised Edition” with Special Ayanami Figurine

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 16:09 Dec. 16, 2009.)

A partwork publisher DeAgostini is releasing revised edition of "Weekly Evangelion Chronicle".

The first issue comes with a novelty bookbinder. Also there will be a special campaign in which you earn a chance to get a figurine of Rei Ayanami.

Read on for detail.

Evangelion Chronicle Revised Edition | DeAGOSTINI Japan

According to DeAGOSTINI Japan, they are going to launch Weekly Evangelion Chronicle Revised Edition from Jan. 19, 2010. 40 issues are scheduled in total and priced 690 JPY(about $7 USD) for each. The first issue comes at special price 390 JPY(about $4 USD).

The partwork consists of many illustrations and much commentaries of the story, characters, machines, Evangelions and their equipments, tactics and Angels. From 31th issue, they are going to mention about ongoing Rebuild of Evangelion, the theatrical edition.

The 1st issue.

The 2nd issue.

The 3rd issue.

The 4th issue.

The 5th issue.

The special bookbinder is coming with the 1st issue. It can stack 10 issues of Evangelion Chronicle series.

There will be four kinds of bookbinders. Two of them come as a set for 990 JPY. The last bookbinder comes with 31st issue.

The figurine of Rei Ayanami will be given away to everyone who purchased all 40 issues of Evangelion Chronicle.

This edition is revised from Sony Magazines' 2006 issue of Weekly Evangelion Chronicle. 10 issues will be added for new feature films.

The offered Ayanami figure is also the same with the one sold on older edition, so collectors must be careful.

There's no knowing which comes faster, the 40th issue of this partwork or Evangelion: 3.0. We should wait and see.

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