Ten Songs from “Final Fantasy 13” Downloadable in MP3 via Official Website

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 14:30 Dec. 15, 2009)

Two more days to go until the release of Final Fantasy XIII(FF13) on December 17, 2009!

One of our readers informed us that ten songs from the first disc of the game's original soundtrack(four-disc set, to come out on Jan. 27, 2010) are downloadable in MP3 files from Square Enix's official website.

The beautiful songs composed by Masashi Hamauzu include the now familiar theme song played on the game's official website and some previously unreleased songs presumably from earlier part of the game.

Read on for details.

As of 14:00 Dec. 15, 2009, the first ten songs from disc 1 of the soundtrack is unveiled on the official website of "FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Soundtrack" as samples.

FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Soundtrack

Click "TRACK LIST" on the top page to listen to the songs on a virtual player. Since this virtual player is actually an MP3 player made by Flash, designed to play the MP3 retrieved from the URLs bellow, you can simply download the MP3s instead by visiting those URLs.

1. Final Fantasy XIII Prelude

2. Final Fantasy XIII -Chikai-(Final Fantasy XIII: Oath)

3. Dai 13 Nichi(The 13th Day)

4. Unmei e no Hangyaku(Rebellion against Fate)

5. Blade's Edge

6. Fuusa kukaku Hanged Edge(Blocked Section Hanged Edge)

7. Pa-ji sareru mono tachi(Beings to be Purged)

8. Kaeru tame no Tatakai(Battle to get home)

9. Gekai no fal'Cie(fal'Cie of the lower world)

10. Nigetemo iino?(I can run away?)

Again, just two more days! Now you can listen to these songs again and again till the game comes out!

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