Photo Review of All 16 Designs of “FINAL FANTASY XIII ELIXIR”

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FINAL FANTASY XIII ELIXIR beverage by Suntory came out on December 8, 2009 in 16 designs, for 191 yen (about $2) each.

Since the HP and MP recovery item "Elixir" is stronger than "Potion" in the Final Fantasy games, this "Elixer" tonic contains four times the amount of caffeine and three times royal jelly compared to DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY POTION released last year.

Pics after the cut!


They hit the stores in Japan on December 8th.

It's hard to put all sixteen in a picture so we lined them up in the order you see on the storefront ad (The little card you see in the picture above). These are the eight in the top row.

Eight in the second row.

In addition to royal jelly and caffeine, the drink contains the recommended daily requirement of Vitamin B1 and B6. The ingredients are mostly the same as last year's "Potion" except the newly added lemon juice.

A former soldier of the Cocoon military(PSICOM), Lightning is one of the l'Cie, marked by a fal'Cie (beings created from crystals residing inside them) for greater purposes. Each l'Cie has a Focus, a goal the fal'Cie wants him or her to fulfill within a certain amount of time; however, the fal'Cie do not explicitly say what the goal is. All characters featured on the cans are l'Cie except Chocobo and the two PSICOM soldiers.

Another Lightning.

Yet another Lightning.

And another.

This one's the last.

There were five Lightning in all. After all, she's the main protagonist.

Snow Villiers is the head of Team Nora, a resistance group against Cocoon. He's engaged to Lightning's younger sister Serah.

Another Snow.

Oerba Dia Vanille is a mysterious but upbeat young girl. She's the storyteller of the game and many of the events will be narrated by her.

Another Vanille. You can kind of see her upbeat personality here.

Sazh Katzroy has a little chocobo chick living in his afro. He was criticised of being the "stereotypical black guy" earlier when trailers and demo of the game came out. Hopefully his character and role is improved.

Sazh's pet, baby chocobo. Sounds like the pair might provide some comic relief and fluffy moments in the game.

Hope Estheim, an ordinary fourteen-year-old boy brought up in the safe haven of Cocoon.

Oerba Yun Fang is a l'Cie but works for the Cocoon Sanctum. Her Eidolon(summon) is the recurring monster Bahamut.

Serah Farron is Lightning's younger sister and Snow's fiancee. Her necklace is a gift from Snow.

Lieutenant Colonel Yaag Rosch is Lightning's former superior in PSICOM. Though both being same in rank, he was always second to Jihl in the military academy and now works as her right-hand man.

Lieutenant Colonel Jihl Nabaat of PSICOM. She sees the l'Cie as subhumans, and is bent on exterminating them.

Poured it in a glass. Clear and colourless, tastes like a less-bubbly Sprite. Might be help you cramming (winter is the exam season in Japan) with the high amount of caffeine.

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