“Macross Frontier The Movie” Premiere with the Director, the Cast and an Incredibly Butch Ranka Lee

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Macross Frontier The Movie: The False Diva came out in Japan on November 21, 2009. Director Shoji Kawamori, voice actress Aya Endo of Sheryl Nome, Megumi Nakajima of Ranka Lee and voice actor Yuichi Nakamura of Alto Saotome appeared at the premiere held at Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro. And a super-butch Ranka Lee also made a surprise appearance.

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(Japanese)Macross Frontier The Movie: The False Diva

Cinema Sunshine, Ikebukuro, where the premiere was held.


Macross is showing on Screen Four.

Queue at the box office.

The poster features Sheryl Nome.

People were queueing for the sales counter where you can buy the movie's pamphlet and stuff.

Costumes of Ranka, Sheryl and Alto.

The theatre was full way before the opening.

Comedy duo America Zarigani hosted the stage.

Director Shoji Kawamori and the cast appeared.
YouTube - Macross Frontier The Movie - Director and Cast

From left to right: Aya Endo(Sheryl Nome), Megumi Nakajima(Ranka Lee), Yuichi Nakamura(Alto Saotome) and director Shoji Kawamori.

Aya Endo(Sheryl Nome): "I guess you all haven't seen it yet. Well, I've seen it already, and it was good. It's a really great movie so please look forward to it. Thank you"

Naturally, she's seen it already. "You've more than seen it, you've dubbed it!" the comedian was saying.

Yuichi Nakamura(Alto Saotome): "Good morning everyone. So, finally the day has come. I've been preparing all the nice things to say here for so long, but it's gone right out of my head"

"I suppose you're all going to watch the movie for the first time today. I've seen it already."
"Of course you did!" goes the comedian.

"Please enjoy the movie. Thank you."

Megumi Nakajima(Ranka Lee): "Good morning everybody. You haven't seen it yet? Well, I did."
"You, too?" says the comedian and the banter went on.

"There'll be so many surprises today, so you'd better be prepared! Thank you."

Director Shoji Kawamori: "Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Frontier Fleet. The Macross universe is an unpredictable world, you can't expect what happen next. Lots of spectacles are on their way, so please sit back and enjoy the show!"

Next, the cast told us some anecdotes from the dubbing process.

Aya Endo: "Some lines are the same as the TV series, but the nuance or the meaning may differ according to the different context, so an exactly identical sentence may sound quite different in the movie and the TV series. That'll give you another way to enjoy the film if you've seen the TV series."

Yuichi Nakamura related us some facts about Kikuko "Forever Seventeen" Inoue who voiced Grace O'Connor, the main antagonist. The cast endured long hours during the recording, from 10:30 in the morning till well past midnight, but Inoue was practically dead to the world after 11:00 p.m. since she usually goes to bed at 11:00 every night for her beauty sleep. Which must be the secret of her semipermanent "17-year-old" status.

Megumi Nakajima said an incident that occurred one night was accidentally recorded and made it to the film. She didn't point out specifically what sound in which scene, but it's in one of the most important scenes for Ranka.

Director Shoji Kawamori talked about the highlights of the movie. "As a film adaption of a TV series, we took care to make it enjoyable for audience familiar with the TV series as well as first-timers. The battle scenes are greatly emphasised to make the most of the big screen, there are some dramatic, touching moments and of course some comic relief. We're sure it can entertain everyone."

Then, a special guest "Ranka Lee" was announced. Megumi Nakajima (who voiced Ranka) has already appeared, so who shall be this surprise guest?

And here she comes.
YouTube - "Macross Frontier The Movie" Premiere: Ranka Lee?

Ranka Lee was none other than the inimitable Nagashima☆Jien-ots☆Yuichiro (Kickboxer/Cosplayer).

Good build. Yuichiro Nagashima is a skilled kick boxer with impressive record, but he's also famous for being a full-fledged otaku, entering the ring in cosplay accompanied by his favourite anime songs.

"I wish I was Ranka", Nagashima says. "Am I infatuated with her as a guy or do I admire her from a girl's viewpoint? You can guess from my dress."

When asked what she thinks of Nagashima's cosplay, Megumi Nakajima answered "He pulls it off very nicely. Maybe even better than the real Ranka." "How flattering..." Nagashima blushed.

The talk concluded with messages for the audience. "You'll get the answer shortly. The film is really worth seeing, we all put our greatest effort, so please see it for yourself on the screen" said Aya Endo.

Yuichiro Nakamura: "I guess some of you were too excited to sleep last night, so don't drift off now that you can finally see the movie."

Megumi Nakajima: "Finally. Finally you can watch the movie. It's full of mysteries, which might be solved, or maybe not. Please open yourself to the experience today and devour the whole world of Macross Frontier."

Shoji Kawamori: "The cast and crew gave all their energies to it, there are lots of 'Deculture', so please enjoy. The sequel will be mentioned a bit in the end, so please watch this movie till the end and look forward to the second movie. Thank you."

They all posed for a photo shoot.

Each held a "key item" which will appear in the movie.

The event concluded in great applause. And of course the movie was screened shortly after.
YouTube - "Macross Frontier The Movie" Premiere - Cast Exit the Stage

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