Try this “Otaku Proof Test” to know if you are one

Here's a quick Otaku Proof Test for you and your friends. It won't take no more than 3 seconds. Just look at an image, and if you were to "understand" what it means, you are the one.

Now, let's begin. You don't have to be afraid of your true identities.

Read on for detail.

These stripes strongly evokes of her.

Now how about this? Kinda futuristic.

These two should be pointing at the same thing.

A red ribbon! Might have strong relations with images above.

Sometimes sounds religious.

Named after an aircraft carrier.

So how was it? If you are still claiming you are NOT one of them, try more of these proof tests seen on the link below.
(Japanese)Understanding this picture is proof that you are one - Golden Times

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