Vocaloid software makes Android a true Diva: CEATEC JAPAN 2009

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 23:00 Oct. 07, 2009.)

In prior article, we reported about "HRP-4C Miim", an extremely human-like robot made with demensions and positions of the joints according to the average measurements of Japanese female adolescent.

Half year seems enough for her(she's too humane to address her "it") to evolve. Yamaha added their Vocaloid technology to her and demonstrated in CEATEC JAPAN 2009.

Just take a look at her video doing perfect lip-sync and facial expression.

Yamaha exhibited series of existing Vocaloids at their booth.

AIST's HRP-4C is combined with Vocaloid software.

This is HRP-4C "Miim", 158 cm (5'2") tall and weighing 43 kg(95 lb).

Now let's hear her sing "Nada-Sousou(Endless stream of tears)"
YouTube - HRP-4C "Miim" singing Nada-Sousou(Endless stream of tears)

YouTube - HRP-4C "Miim" singing "Hanamizuki(Dogwood)"

And "Diamond"
YouTube - HRP-4C "Miim" singing "Diamond"

Vocaloid software developers are now working on more realistic intonation and aiming for non-music market like vocalization engine for robots like this.

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