Action Figure Now and Then: Asgard Arc and Poseidon Arc of Saint Seiya

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Technologies of toy manufacturers are improving night and day, so action figures of the same character can come out quite different in twenty years.

Action figures of the characters from the Asgard Arc and Poseidon Arc of Saint Seiya were on display at Bandai's TAMASHII NATION 2009 Autumn and they had two versions of each character, the ones released at the time of airing (1988-89) and the ongoing line released since 2006. So here are some comparisons.

Pics after the cut!


Asgard Arc

Merak Beta Hagen

Dubhe Alpha Siegfried

Benetnasch Eta Mime

Phecda Gamma Thor

Thor is quite huge.

Alioth Epsilon Fenrir

Megrez Delta Alberich

Mizar Zeta Syd

Alcor Zeta Bud

Odin Seiya

Odin's Cloth

Poseidon Arc


Kraken Isaac

Sea Dragon Kanon

Siren Sorento

Chrysaor Krishna

Sea Horse Baian

Lyumnades Caza

Scylla Io

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