110% in Size! “Prop Plus petit” adds “K-on!” characters

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 20:35 Oct. 01, 2009.)

Bandai's "Prop Plus Petit" series consists of "Petit", a super-deformed figure of anime character and "Prop", the item used by or related to the character.

So far Kamen Rider Denou, Full Metal Archemist, Macross F, "Gundam 00" and such. Today they exhibited upcoming K-On! series at TAMASHII NATION 2009 Autumn.

Read on for detail.

(JP)TAMASHII WEB | Product Description > Plop Plus Petit K-On!

The product is to be released on Oct. 28 at 499 JPY each(about $5 USD)

Mio Akiyama cosplaying for a concert.

Also in her school uniform.

Ritsu Tainaka wearing the costume appeared in ending animation.

Ritsu in school uniform.

Tsumugi Kotobuki comes with her keyboard.

"Would you want a cup of tea?"

Yui Hirasawa in the costume worn in their first concert.

The famous Un-Tan movement.

And her sister Ui Hirasawa.

Sawako Yamanaka, an advisory teacher of the school band, with a bizarre costume of the death-metal band she belonged in her school days.

And Azusa Nakano, being forced to say "Me, Mew..."

Also K-On! Chibi Voice is coming. These five characters are scheduled.

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