The box lunch reproducting world’s “newlyweds’ cuisine”

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 23:55 Sept. 23, 2009.)

TBS and affiliate MBS airs "World's Breakfast", the program which visit world's newlyweds breakfasting to introduce their meal. Convenience store Circle K has knitted up an unique meal box set named "World's Happy Meal" with menus selected from over 150 meals introduced in the program.

Read on for detail.

World's Happy Meal | Campaign Information | Circle K Sunkus

918kcal per meal set.

10 dishes in the box.

The list of contents.

Tomato-flavored boiled eggplant and beef, from Chios Island, Greece.

Roasted Potatoe and bacon, from Frankfurt, Germany.

Fried pork, zha-cai and rice vermicelli from Hongkong, China.

Saute shrimp and garlic from Gold Coast, Australia.

Biryani, roasted rice with chicken soup from Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Meat ball from Oslo, Norway. The one served in IKEA's cafeteria are quite popular.

Lemon peppered chicken from New York, United States.

Roasted scallops and snow pea from Taichung, Taiwan.

Scrambled egg and salmon with cheese, from Lyon, France.

Boiled salsiccia alla Toscana from Florence, Italy. Sausage, period.

Japanese version of the set highly expected.

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