Movie Theater adopted PS3 console for Projecting Equipment

The age of reel film seems to be over. Now some movie theaters adopted Playstation 3 console for its projection system. Since its advantage in installation cost and availability, PS3 could be one of the main stream equipment for digital movie distribution.

Read on for detail.

(Japanese)"Kara no Kyokai" Used PS3 for Theatre Equipment | WIRED VISION

Movie theatre "Sendai Forum" deployed Playstation 3 console for projection of theatrical anime "Kara no Kyokai". Some of audience noticed "battery caution" sign for PS3 controller accidently shown on the screen.

According to the movie distributer Aniplex, they did adopt PS3 for their equipment. With its strong Cell CPU and SRX graphic processor, PS3 is powerful enough to handle theatre-grade resolution video data. They say there won't be any significant difference from ordinary system. They also said equipments are different for each theater and not all theaters adopted PS3 as their equipment. But still we can say it's quite interesting to see consumer consoles used as a movie theatre equipment.

The data is recorded to HDD in Full-HD format(1920*1080 resolution) and passed theater-grade qualification. It's so surprising that we can have theater-grade equipment at $300 or so.

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