Super Realistic Worms and Insects made of Sugary Goodness

These worms and insects are made of chocolate and cakes and other various confections, products of sweet shop Komatsuya Honten located in Yokote, Akita. Though not very appetizing, these are selling remarkably well, fast creating some Internet buzz in Japan.

Pics after the cut!

(Japanese)Komatsuya Honten

Japanese rhinoceros beetle and its larval form.

The best-selling "Beetle Larva Chocolate", 220 yen (about $2.40)

Its adult form "Beetle Chocolate" made of premium chocolate. 1,000 yen ($10.80)

This shiny one is "Beetle Cake", 1,500 yen ($16.20)

Chocolate sponge and orange peel coated in glossy chocolate.

The Beetles'.

This green one looks kind of cute. It's named "Beetle Larva Chocolate for Adult" for its generous amount of rum. 260 yen ($2.80)

These colourful caterpillars are traditional wagashi made of sweetened bean paste. 220 yen each.

The jelly-coated version (summer special) looks more goosebumps-inducing.

But the creepiest must be this "Hachinoko Caramel (Bee Larva Toffee)".

You can make the beehive easily by cutting holes in pizza dough or something and baking it sprinkled with sugar. Perfect for Halloween parties.

350 yen ($3.80) per box (ten pieces).

They've got some eye-pleasing products as well, like this beautiful "Butterfly Chocolate", 1,200 yen ($12.95)

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