Fat Cat Squinting with Absurd Things On His Head will Somehow Melt Your Heart

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 09:00 Aug. 16, 2009)

There are gazillions of cute-little-kitten-pictures out there on the Internet, but not so many fat cat pics, it seems. Shiro is one of those rare grown-up slightly-on-the-chubby-side cat who gained celebrity status, melting hearts all over Japan with his trademark squint, while balancing all kind of odd stuff on his head.

Pics after the cut!

The weight of the cabbage falls square on his shoulder.

This must be the most extravagant cat-hairdo ever, to say nothing of the basket.

Magnolia flowering.

Plum blossoming on his head.

A rare shot with his eyes open. Slightly.

Bit of a tight squeeze here.

The walnut somehow manages to look quite heavy.

Is he cooked? Or just taking a good soak?

Squinting despite of his glasses.

Going incognito.

His name Shiro means "White" in Japanese, and he's quite a celebrity with two photo books published. You can see more pics on his official blog.

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Kagoneko Blog

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