Blu-ray Disc Association will make your Blu-ray Disc of dream!

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 14:46 Aug. 06, 2009.)

One thing bad about Blu-ray is that it's too new. It's fast and big, but there are so many titles which have not been released in Blu-Ray yet.

To ameliorate this situation, Japan branch of BDA, Blu-ray Disc Association organized a special project which brings the most waited title to Blu-Ray. For the most voted, members of BDA directly ask right-holding companies for Blu-ray adaption. The project is now on its first stage and accepting votes on "Most-waited Anime for Blu-ray".

Read on for Detail.

Blu-ray Disc Title Vote - BDA Official

The project is now accepting votes on 15 titles passed the elimination, which are "Zegapain", "Engage Planet Kiss Dum", "Aria", "Denno Coil", "Gurenn Lagann", "Future GPX Cyber Formula", "Toradora!", "Kanon", "True Tears","CLANNAD", "Simoun", "Valkyria Chronicles", "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", "Kamichu!" and "Kara no Kyokai".

As of Aug. 6th, "True Tears" is on top gathering nearly 30% of all votes. "Zegapain" follows it with 20% of votes, well exceeding "Kamichu!".

It's interesting that the top animes on the list are not ones with a big DVD sales. They are rather recent animes and broadcasted on DTTV, whose quality is nearly equal to DVD. So fans might have thought it nonsense to buy DVD while you can see it for free. And unexpectedly some theatrical animes such as "Gurren Lagann" or popular ones such as "Kara no Kyokai", "Clannad" and "Haruhi" are not adapted to Blu-ray yet.

Though there's no knowing which title will be chosen, or whether the title will really be adapted to BD it's still an interesting attempt.

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