All 47 Garage Kit Masterpieces Chosen for

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Following our previous post(Vol. 1,2, 3 and 4), this post will show you the works chosen for "Wonder Show Case" label from #037 through #045.

Read on for detail.

WSC#037 "Petanko Nurse Penne San(lit. Miss Pennne the flat boobed Nurse)" by Akihiro(Chukichiya!)

"Luna Underware Ver"(original character of the website "Ryoji's Homepage -Attic Work Space") is displayed as his recent works.

WSC#038 "Kilala Terusumi" by Shuji(Hideyoshi)

"Ranka Lee N.A Limited Color Ver."(from Macross Frontier) is displayed as his recent works.

WSC#039 "Raidou Kuzuha" (from Shin Megami Tensei:Devil Summoner) by Benidarou Tenshu

"Protagonist" (from Revelations: Persona) as self recommended model.

WSC#040 "Remilia Scarlet"(from Tohou Koumakyo) by Haruki(Genocide Kitten)

"Die Katze"(from the original illustration of Katzeh) as self recommended model.

WSC#041 "Graim Kaiser"(from Blue Comet SPT Layzner) by Koji Wakita(cannon)

"Baxinger"(Galactic Gale Baxinger) as self recommended model.

WSC#042 "Rosenmaiden" by Yusuke Mazaki(Sazkura Zensen)

"Shin Sonicform of Fate T Haraoun"(from Maho Shojyo Lylical Nanoha Striker S) as self recommended model.

WSC#043 "Hell's Angels Norika"(from the illustraton on Kani's website "masked maiden") by Kouji Isumi(R.GLATT-CC)

"Lynx-ish ear girl"(original character of k_ototo) as self recommended model.

WSC#044 "Reimu Hakurei / Marisa Kirisame ver. Nemu Matsukura"(from Touhou Project) by Shinpei Yokoshima(Gouhondo/a>)

"Girlfriend"(from manga "Houkago Play") as self recommended model.

WSC#045 "Pleinair with inner tube WSC ver." by Yukiusa(Cat's Office)

"Nemuke-san Headphone Ver."(from the illustration of Mota's website "motor home") as self recommended model.

And Nemuke-san Cushion Ver.

All 47 Garage Kit Masterpieces Chosen for “Wonder Show Case” in Past Ten Years - Vol. 6 - GIGAZINE

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