Fruit-Shaped Sticky Notes “KUDAMEMO” by D-BROS

The "Kudamemo" note-pads designed by Masashi Tentaku are the latest release from Japanese product design project D-BROS.

"Kudamemo" is a combined word of "Kudamono (Fruit)" and "Memo", and as you can see, they're shaped and wrapped like real fruits.

Read on for details and pics.




With real twigs.

Printed on one side, 150 pages.

Held in shape by a clip.

Peel this sticker before use.

About the size of a real fruit. Available online for 1,890 yen each.

They're also sold in box sets (6 pad) that comes in cardboard box just like real fruits.

It'll make a great present, though 11,340 yen a box sounds a bit too pricey.

D-BROS has many more interesting products such as these greeting cards shaped like chocolate and cookies.

And these packing tapes named "A Path to the Future".

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