Flash Game TOWER CLIMBER - Climb the 100 Story Tower to Save the Princess!

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 10:30 Jun. 26, 2009)

"Tower Climber" is a vertical-scrolling action game in which you have to climb a hundred-story tower to save the captive princess on the top. Your hero won't die but only freeze for a moment when bumping in to a monster, so patience and determination is all you need in order to reach the goal. Sound simple?

Read on for details and pics.

YouLabo::Action Game::TOWER CLIMBER

Click to jump. The hero's always walking, he turns at the edge of the brick floors so he won't fall down on his own.

You won't hit the bricks with your head as in Super Mario Bros. Each floor has a jewel so collect them on your way.

Taking a wrong leap and you'll fall out, the game's over.

Monsters don't turn at the edges, they keep falling down. If you bump in to them, you'll be turned into a stone for a moment. The monsters won't affect you while you're in the middle of a jump, but you'll freeze if you land on them.

The spikes come rising after you around the 30th level or so. The game's over when you hit them.

Clouds appear around 60th level, making it hard to see the bricks.

The spikes stop around the 90th floor.

Almost there.

Made it to the top! But wait, the counter says 96/100.

The princess is turned into stone. To revive her you have to collect all the jewels.

Came back this time with all 100 jewels.

Finally saved the princess! The game isn't that difficult so try it yourself and see what happens in the end.

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