DIY-ing “VR Game Gun”, the ultimate Virtual-Reality gun controller

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 12:57 June 24, 2009.)

First Person Shooter a.k.a. FPS are showing a rapid development in its appearance. As you can see in "Call Of Duty" series, there are impressive stories, smooth motion, realistic sound...All the staff you would see in Hollywood movies.

But when it comes to user interfaces, the game is less attractive, for using both keyboard and mouse is rather complex and less instinctive.

So how about this gun-shaped motion tracing controller? It uses gyro and velocity sensor to completely track the movement and reflect it to the game.

Read on for detail.

PC VR Game Gun

This "VR Game Gun" is made from in-Air mouse to track the movement of the gun. The development of virtual-reality interface is hot in industry and there are many systems realizing this, like the one on Nintendo Wii and "Project Natal" on Xbox.

The creator of this adorable VR gun attached Gyration's in-air mouse and disassembled USB gamepad to a toy gun purchased in Walmart.

YouTube - Wireless PC Game Gun

Hasbro's Star Wars Blaster is used as chassis.

USB game pad is placed on the left side of the blaster

The Gyration's in-air wireless mouse. "The cheapest head-tracking device in the market" he says.

7' LCD is connected via 15-pin D-sub cable and shows the image along the motion.

He also created a wireless version. He is now planning to equip micro projector on the muzzle to project image on 12 ft. screen.
YouTube - Wireless PC Game Gun

The virtual-reality experience is the hot topic not only in the game industry but also in the movie industry, as you can see in James Cameron's "Avatar".

The problem is the high cost of installation. This unique DIY thing might be the key to the familiarization of these devices.

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