Japanese Private School to issue cell phone to every student

In Japan, nearly 90% of highschool students attend school carring their own cellphone. But they using it without proper education, the cellphone is emerging some social issues, like ringing and chatting in public spaces (which has to remain silent), cyber-stalking, tool for prostitution et cetera.

As many middle and highschool are prohibiting the possession of cellphones, a private academy in Kobe is launching an unique program to educate cell phone usage. They are going to issue cell phone to every student.

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asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun Co.):Suma Gakuen of Kobe to allocate cellphones to their pupuils - Social

The board of Suma gakuen private middle and high school has decided to issue cell phone to students. While there are many schools prohibiting the possession of cellphone, the board judged it more important to educate the proper usage than to ban it.

The phone will be provided with some limitation, like web access filtering software, and with emergency function such as mail log checking and positioning system using GPS to avoid kidnapping.

The connection between students to students and students to teachers are to be free on charge, and e-learning softwares will be provided for students' home learning.

The education will mainly aim on how to avoid the crime and trouble caused by improper usage of cell phone. This January, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has issued instructions to ban the bringing to elementary and middle school, and to restrict the use in the high school.

Board chairperson Yasuko Nishi, sister of former vice president of Microsoft far east division Kazuhiko Nishi, said "92% of students have cellphone, so it's better educating them manners and rules than to just ban it"

The students' board take the poll which is telling 39% of the students answering "Cell phone is necessary for life in school", with 31% stating that they "don't want to use issued cell phone" for they "don't want to be monitored by school."

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