10 anime heroes whom Japanese geeky girl wants to marry

Here's the continuation from prior article. While "Kon-Katsu", the hubbie-hunt is silently gaining wide popularity, there are considerable number of woman preoccupied to Dojin activities. The world of comic and anime seems to have much attraction than nasty machos of the real world.

For guys wishing for an otaku girlfriend, these anime heroes might be perfect role models. Read on for detail.

Top 10 Ranking of Anime Character whom you want to marry.
Shy girl from sizzler Anime became "Top Bride"!

1. Kyoya Hibari(Reborn!)
A lone wolf disciplinarian with up-angled eye.

2. Gintoki Sakata(Gin Tama)
Sweet tooth samurai named after Sakatano Kintoki.

3. Toshiro Hitsugaya(Bleach)
The young genious leading 10th brigade.

4. Mukuro Rokudo(Reborn!)
15-year-old gangster with odd eye.

5. Sougo Okita(Gin Tama)
Good looking guy but have a dirty mouth.

6. Date Masamune(Sengoku Basara franchise)
The "One-eyed Dragon" who can speak English.

7. Tsunayoshi Sawada(Reborn!)
He was characterless at first, but trained to be a boss of a mafia.

8. Ichigo Kurosaki(Bleach)
Orange haired psychic highschool boy who accidently became Grim Reaper

9. Sebastien Michaelis(Kuroshitsuji)
Mysterious butler serving his young master.

10. Toshiro Hijikata(Gin Tama)
Belligerent sub leader of Shinsengumi.

It's pretty interesting that eight out of ten characters are from Weekly Shonen Jump Comics, excluding Date Masamune of 6th and Sebastian of 9th. There may be some strong connections between Shonen Jump and Dojin girls.

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