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Here's the sequel to the prior article. In this post, we are going to show you Ssengokubara, where Tokyo-3 to be placed. In the anime there are huge subterranean space, catapult exit, armored buildings et cetera around the area. How's the real Sengokubara?

Read on for detail.

Center of Tokyo-3. There lies a golf course and road for cycling.

Geofront, the NERV base is underneath here.

It seems impossible to build some massive city here.

2nd close encounter with 4th Angel Shamshel held near here.

Underneath the place should be NERV base.

Sengokubara Elementary School, the model "Tokyo-3 Middle School no.1" where characters of the anime attend.

It looks very similar apart from the isolated swimming pool. And Misato seems not able to drive up to the school building as in Episode 26.

And this is Sengokubara Middle school. Some say this one looks more similar to the school in the anime than the one above. Maybe staffs combined the image of two.

In 2008, some merger and abolishment were made and Yumoto Middle School and Sengokubara Middle school were combined into Hakone Middle School.

The building is still new.

The place where "Comfort 17", Misato's condo to be built.

"Comfort 17" seems to have no resident other than Misato, for no lights in other rooms were seen in Episode 2. But in Episode 26, it's depicted that Ikari family is living there and there are other inhabitants.

Where Ayanami's apartment is to be built. Not developed at all yet.

Apartment of Rei Ayanami was built as a domicile for construction workers of Tokyo-3. As same as Misato's, it is depicted as empty place.

The shrine where Kensuke and Touji headed when they sneaked out of the evacuation shelter to observe Evangelion Unit-01 fighting Shamshel. The shrine in the anime takes the location of Kintoki Shrine but in appearance it mimicks Hakone Shrine, along Ashinoko Lake.

This Kintoki Shrine enshrines Sakatano Kintoki who appears in Japanese fairytale as Kintaro, a herculean boy shouldering an ax.

The cleansing bowl is bored like a handprint.

Stairway to the main shrine. It's depicted longer in the anime.

Kintoki Shrine stands at the base of Mt. Kintoki. In Episode 2, Misato gazed Tokyo-3 from the top of this mountain and praised Shinji for protecting the city below. It's rather steep but we climbed.

"Kintoki Keotoshi Ishi", which said to be kicked off from the top by Sakatano Kintoki

The trail to the mountain top. Misato drove Shinji to top but we walked up.

"Kintoki Yadori Ishi", where Kintaro and Yamanba hide from the rain.

The view got better as we climbed, but due to the bad weather we couldn't understand the beauty which made Shinji say "Wow! The building is growing up!"

The caution telling the trail is steep and rather dangerous.

The side of the trail is sheer cliff

It took us 45 minutes to the top.

The top of Mt. Kintoki.

"Kintaro Chaya" is closed.

"Kintoki Musume No Chaya" next door is open.

The cafe is run by a daughter of the person who is the model of Jiro Nitta's "Gouriki den".

For all our climbing, the weather is still bad. Nothing can be seen.

The weather cleared a little on our way down.

In the anime, the whole golf course is replaced by buildings of Tokyo-3. It's worth showing Shinji this dynamic sight.

The picture in "Hakone Hokan Map". It must be taken from the trail to Nagao Toge.

Not bad, but it has limited sight of Ashinoko lake.

We can easily visit Hakone Yumoto, Goura, Ashinoko Lake because they really exists. But it's so difficult to visit Tokyo-3 which only exists in your imagination. It's rather not cathartic for there's no conviction of visiting exact places from the anime, but still, it's worth making pilgrimage.

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