Hotel Review: Shinjyuku Washington Hotel, the nearest hotel to Tokyo Metropolitan Office

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 20:36 May 24, 2009.)

You anime-and-comic lovers might have stayed at the one of the Washington Hotel chain. For example, the one in front of Tokyo Big Sight where Comiket is held every year.

This time we are going to show you the one in Shinjyuku. The hotel is so accessible. The hotel is located just in front of the Tokyo Matropolitan Office, connected to JR Shinjuku Station via One Day Street. It's very economical when you stay in the single room without breakfast.

Also the room is very clean and organized.

Here's some review accompanied by photos and videos.


The carriage porch.

Also has an underground entrance.

The street right in front of the hotel.

The front desk.

The paid PC spot.

Checking In.

The card key. A disposable one one with the room number printed on it.

This time we had a room on the 8th floor. Long hallway.

Let's see what's inside.

To turn the lighting on, you must put your card key to the bedside console. The one shown on the left.

Place the card here.

You also need to do so to use air conditioner.

Wondering around the room.

Well polished door knob.

Door from inside.

Mirror and three hungers on the side of the entrance.

Slippers, shoe horn, brush et cetera.

Door to the bathroom on right.

Service outlet, maybe. Good for your battery chargers if you got too many of them.

The bathroom.

Bit old-fashioned but well maintained toilet.

Two kinds of toilet paper are prepared.

Toilet articles

The washbasin Body soap are placed here.

The bathtub.

Shower. The water is hot and plenty enough.

Shampoo and rinse.


The single bed.

The desk and chair.

The fridge.

It's roomy and powerful.

The LAN cable on the paid-TV machine.

LAN port on bottom of the machine.

Oops. The LAN cable seems bit too short. It would do if there were LAN port on opposite side of my laptop. It depends on the layout of the room. The other room has an opposite layout of this room.

How to connect to the Internet.

This remote controller is the must to connect to the Internet.

Select "LAN connection".

Click the button to start Internet connection.

For the connection is made via the paid-TV machine, you have to put on the TV while you are connecting. In case you want to use the Internet silently, push the "Information" button.

The "Information" mode shows this scrren-saver like display.

Small electric pot is on the desk. Two cups, glass and plastic, provided for your convenience.

Two outlets are placed on the table.

The night view There are two curtains on the window. In addition to the lace curtain, there's one with some kind of light-shielding material.

The phone. Both internal and external calls can be made.

Both harder and softer pillows are prepared in the room.

460 JPY(about 5 dollar) per hour for late check out.

The morning view of Shinjyuku.

Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.2.

Looking up.

And looking down.

They have checkout machine for quick checkout.

The smaller checkout machine.

The building we stayed this time.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Office, again.

Video of looking around.

Leaving the hotel.

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