Original pictures of “Kannagi” exhibited at Ufotable Cafe

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 00:00 May 22, 2009)

ufotable cafe is an café run by Ufotable, the anime studio best known for Kara no Kyokai series.

The café is holding an exhibition of original pictures from Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens since May 19, handing out original beermats illustrated by manga author Eri Takenashi.

Here's a photo report of our visit.

ufotable cafe, located in Nakano, Tokyo.

Store Hours: 12:00 to 23:00, Closed every Monday.

Current special menu "Japanese Omlet plate with cooked vegetable" 950 yen. The special drinks are "First Star" 650 yen and "Nagi" 750 yen.

The special plate.

Millet rice with sesame.

Japanese omlet with ground pork and shiitake mushroom sauce, green onion.

Boiled okura and little tomatoes marinated in soysauce based soup.

"First Star" was a refreshing concoction based on carbonated limeade.

"Nagi", original vodka-based cocktail.

Black stuff settled down.

Kind of strange texture.

Our next table was actually a cocktail cabinet game called "Micom Break"

Gasen Bank "Block Kuzushi" (a penny bank with Breakout).

Sets of key animation book and flipbook of Kara no Kyokai were on sale. The seventh movie will come out this August.

Volumes of Kannagi and other related products.

Sorry, we can't show them for copyright reason, but original pictures of Kannagi were exhibited.

You can pick from three beermats.

Illustration by Satoshi Kadowaki, the chief animator of Kannagi. The three girls are Nagi, Tsugumi and Zange.

This one is by Eri Takenashi, author of the original manga. The manga serialized in Comic Rex went on a brief hiatus after Takenashi fell ill in November, 2008. Now that she's out of hospital and recovering at home, maybe we can see the series pick up where it left, sometime soon.

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