Truly realistic “Integral 3D Television” in NHK Tech Lab Public viewing 2009

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 16:11 May 21, 2009.)

NHK Tech Lab are now showing deliverables of researches on special public viewing held till May 24. Though there is a saying like "The age of TV empire is passing away", NHK Tech Lab is developing truly on-the-edge things to deliver the atmosphere which only television can deliver.

First, we are going to show you "Integral 3D television". Unlike bunch of other 3D visions out there, this needs no bulky equipments like smoke discharger, polarized glasses, laser emitter or whatever to deliver the image. It uses array of lens, the one like insect's eyes to both record and project images.

Here are some pics and a video. Hope this can help you feel the awesomeness of this great 3D system.

Integral 3D TV
` With Full Super HD vision `

The setup of the whole system

This is how the video is took. The light from the image is first caught by the lens array. Then Super HD camera records tiny images on each lens.

When playing the video, it projects those tiny images back to the lens array to re-create the image. Then lens array mixes the light and recreate the 3D image. Human feels the 3D-ness by slight change of the light's angle of incidence on two eyes. The same happens on this lens-array system.

The summary of the system. The system enables to develop 3D image in real time. No special post-processing are needed.

The lens array. Each mash is a lens, like compound multifaceted eyes of insects.

The basis of the system is so simple, but the finer the lens array gets, more resolution the recorder needs.

This is the actual video of Integral 3D TV. You can check the angle of the image change as we move.

For broadcasting, the system seems just ideal. It's simple, portable and reliable. The only bad point is that the system needs the real light to record the image, which means that no CG after-effects can be used on this Integral 3D vision for now, for optical calculation would be more complex than the one on the 2D images. But in future, some super-computing will enable this.

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