Unique Advertisement for Unique RPG, “Dun-Dam” takes over the KARAOKE chain

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 11:32 Apr. 15, 22009.)

The oncoming Nintendo DS RPG "Dun-Dam" is now running an unique and bizarre ad campaign collaborating with Daiichi Kosho, the operating company of Karaoke bar chain BIG ECHO.

"Dun-Dam" is the combined word of "Dungeon" and "Dam". The game's object is to conquer the enemy utilizing the dam. Sometimes you have to discharge the water into enemys' dungeon to make them drowned.

There's many collaborated advertisement out there, but what has RPG to do with Karaoke?

Read on for detail.

Sing, Flush and Get Award!
Root for Toilet! Flushing Campaign! | Dun-Dum - Dungeons & Dam -

Dun-Dam Daiichi Kousho Karaoke General Information | [ clubdam.com ]

Well, there are two point which makes this collaboration counts for much. First, "DAM", stands for Daiichikosho Amusement Multimedia, is also the name of BIG ECHO's karaoke machines. Second. Every Karaoke has the toilet facilities which you can flush the water. With these two points, both companies can optimize their effect of advertisements.

The concept of campaign is simple. It's like "Sing Karaoke, Drink, and flush your frustration to the toilet!" In addition to ordinary ad campaigns like discount coupon, the whole bathroom of BIG ECHO, including toilet papers and hand soaps, will be decorated with "Dan-Dam" features.

Also, "For the love of Dam", the theme-song of "Dun-Dam" sang by Ayahi Takagaki and flushing sound of Miyagase Dam will be downloadable as a ringtone. The song can be sung at karaoke bar BIG ECHO.

Do you have any source of stress you want to drift away with the water?

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