“Miracle Train” - personification of Tokyo Train Stations going OVA anime

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"Miracle Train" is a web novel & comic serialized on the website YOMBAN, humanizing stations of Chuoh line such as "Tokyo", "Shinjyuku" and so on, depicting each stations' characteristics.

As you can see in "Hetalia" and "Strike Witches", these personification-going-anime is now the trend in Japanese anime culture and this "Miracle Train" is not an exception. Its anime adaption is under way.

Here's some character introductions and key visuals.

Read on for details.

(JP) Miracle Train - Welcome Aboard on Chuoh Line -

The key visual

These are the characters who appear in the story.

Zero Tokyo CV(Cast of Voice): Hiroyuki Yoshino

Height: 175cm, Blood Type: A, Born on Dec. 20, 1914 (The date Tokyo Station started its operation)

Named Zero after being the starting point of Chuo-line. Reflecting that the original station handles 3000 trains a day, which makes the station the "busiest" in Japan, he(or it, perhaps) is depicted as a person who is compulsively on time.

Being the leader, he calls others without an honorific. The westernized education from his youth and love to the reading and liberal arts prevent him from being Japanese. Usually he adopts a standoffish attitude, but sometimes he does something boneheaded. Always wears his uniform properly.

Shintaro Shinjuku CV: Ryotaro Okiayu

Height: 178cm Blood Type: A Born on Mar. 1, 1885.

One of the oldest, so other stations (except Tokyo) calls him "Mr. Shinjyuku". For being slack and pointless, sometimes nervous Tokyo scolds him but he doesn't seem to mind it. When he needs more space, he never hesitates to collapse historical places like court noble's place.

Reflecting nearby entertainment districts like Kabuki-cho and Golden Gai, he is flamboyant. Has drowsy atmosphere. Jocking is an important part of his life.

Riku Nakano CV: Hiroshi Kamiya

Height: 176cm, Blood Type: O, Born on Apr. 11, 1889.

His open nature makes him loved by juniors. Loves Ra-men. Also loves dogs for there was dog shelter built in Nakano in Edo era.. He was once a fashionable boy who loved sports, but "Nakano Broadway", a bit geeky department and "Nakano Military School", the spy school of Empire Army, made him a merry geek. Modding his uniforms into military style.

Takuto Kichijyoji CV: Miyu Irino

Height: 170cm, Blood Type: B, Born on Dec. 30, 1889.

He is senior to most of others but never calls them without an honorific "san". He is conscious of his high popularity as "The city where we want to live" which makes him sometimes narcissistic. He is the most fashionable person in Chuo line. Looks quiet but talks spicily, especially to Nakano the geek. Good at harmonica. Inokashira Park is the place he loves.

Renais Tachikawa CV: Kouki Miyata

Height: 180cm, Blood Type: AB, Born on Apr. 11, 1889.

Personifying the US military base located in Tachikawa, he has blond hair and blue eyes. Not so much as Nakano, but he is also geekish a bit. He is gentle and calm-minded but when it comes to gamble, he loses his mind. Same birthday as Nakano and both being geekish, they are often treated as pair. He was named after JR's "Station Renaissancee", the station refurbishing project. Has saber and whip as his prlop.

The concrete date of release is not announced yet but casts and staffs were announced. Character designs are done by Tomohisa Kai of "Marginal Prince" and "Sentimental Graffiti", directed by Aki Tsunaki of "Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time"

The personfication reflects charasteristics and histories of each station. The story introduces town information and train trivia so you can enjoy the story even if you are not train geeks. It's now published as comics and novels and further distributions are now under planning.

© Miracle Train Project

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