TAF 2009: Return of 009? “Cyborg 009” featured largely in Ishinomori Production

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 22:35 Mar. 20, 2009.)

"Cyborg 009" is one of the most popular manga of Shotaro Ishinomori, the author of famous "Kamen Rider(lit. Masked Rider)", "Android Kikaider" and so many sci-fi mangas. For the year 2009 is the "009 year", Ishinomori Production's booth in Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 featured "Cyborg 009" largely, as if there's something new, for example new episode of anime, to be announced.

Also, commemorating Mr. Ishinomori's collected works from Kadokawa Shoten being awarded the Guiness for "most comics published by one author", the booth exhibits huge bookshelves filled with all the works previously published in the collection.

Read on for Detail.

Mr. Ishinomori looking after his booth.

Panel of "Cyborg 009"

Various figures of "Cyborg 009"

Icons, wallpapers and background animation provided for cellular phones.

Showing DVD of the anime, probably the one adapted in 2001. Eight years silence since then. Though they haven't announced anything on their official site, these featured displays make us set some expectations.

Then, there was a poster with some suggestive lines.

45 years since then (their first comics)
Have human put an end to the war?
Scrapped their weapon?
Eradicated discrimination and deprivation?
Has material civilization filled human with happiness?
Recovered beautiful earth?
Can you say that science has solved our problem?
Have you seen the God?

Is Cyborg 009 unnecessary anymore?

A larger panel with same images of the poster

The panel commemorating Ishinomori's winning Guiness. Ishinomori's collected works from Kadokawa Shoten is scheduled to have 500 volumes, containing 770 works in total. This is the most works in the world drawn by one author.

The shelf displaying collected works.

"Skullman" paperweight and Mylen Hoffman from spin-out anime "009-1(read zero zero Kunoichi, a female ninja)"

Diorama of Mr. Ishinomori's workspace. So messy for he had too many works to do.

Masked Rider's typhoon belts to generate his energy for transformation.

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