Manga authors Rumiko Takahashi of “InuYasha” and Mitsuru Adachi of “Touch” Collaborating

Great news for shonen manga fans! Two of the most admired manga artists Rumiko Takahashi of Ranma ½ and InuYasha, and Mitsuru Adachi of Touch and Cross Game are collaborating for the first time.

The co-written one-shot manga would appear on Weekly Shonen Sunday's 50th anniverasary issue, and there would also be a special anime DVD giveaway for readers.

Read on for details.

(Japanese)Next Week's Sunday :: Shougakukan Comic -Shonen Sunday-

According to the "preview of next issue" page on Shonen Sunday's official website, Rumiko Takahashi and Mitsuru Adachi's collaborative work "MY SWEET SUNDAY" will be published on Shonen Sunday's 50th anniverasary issue, coming out next Wednesday, March 18th.

It would be a 30 pages one-shot with coloured title page, depicting their life in manga business from past to present, two of them taking turns in a relay style. This will be the first ever attempt at collaboration by the two national hit makers.

And there would also be a lottery for readers giving away DVD, a digest of special animes produced by original staffs of Urusei Yatsura, Ranma ½ and InuYasha for Shonen Sunday's 50th anniversary project "Yumiko Takahashi Exhibit".

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