One Million Yen Bid for T-Shirt With Visual Novel Illustration

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:20 Mar. 03, 2009.)

Value Added is a principal concept of capitalism. But a million yen for ordinary T-shirt and hand drawn illustration? Wow.

T-Shirt with hand-drawn illustration and autograph by admired illustrator Itaru Hinoue, famous for his works in various visual novel from "Key" brand, is up for bid. The auction is still going and it is now quoted at over a million yen.

Read on for detail.

Yahoo!Auction - Itaru Higami's autographed T-shirt

According to the auction page, the t-shirt is made for the supporter's event "KEY 10th MEMORIAL FES". It got an illustration of Yuiko Kurugaya, heroine from "Little Busters!" and Itaru Hinoue's autograph on the front.

This is the one. The illustration is hand-drawn by Itaru Hinoue.

With his autograph.

The auction will end in Mar. 4th, at 23:59 JST. It's now priced at about 1.3 million yen (about 13 thousand USD) and still going up. Seems nobody can tell how enthusiastic fans can be.

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