Can’t Hatsune Miku’s songs be considered “Music”?

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There are many music which became orthodox by time, even if they were considered heterodox at first. In fact, every piece of art followed the same path through the ages.

"Hatsune Miku", a vocaloid seems to be accepted among doujin musicians on web, but not graciously accepted in the real world.

Read on for detail.

(Japanese)Virtual Diva's song for Graduation Ceremony - Hatsune Miku's "Shower of Cherry Blossom" : News : Entertainment : YOMIURI ONLINE

March is the graduation season in most schools in Japan. Teachers present diploma to their graduates and lowerclassmen celebrate their seniors with flowers and songs. And this year "Sakura no Ame (Shower of Cherry Blossoms)" composed by the band "Absorb" become one of the favorite graduation song.

"Sakura no Ame" is a song made for the band's promotion. They posted the vocaloid version on video sharing sites, which are popular among Japanese youths. A catching lyric and vocaloid's cute voice gained over a million access in 8 monthes.

But most students in mainstream won't prefer Internet's favorite. An anonymous middle school girl submitted an arcicle to the bulletin board of an official community of Hatsune Miku.

According to the article, she recommended the song for the graduation chorus without revealing that it was sung by Miku. The classmates first accepted the song. But when they found Miku singing the song on Youtube, they changed their opinion and chose different song, saying "We don't want to sing otaku song".

We should carefully seek for an answer: Why are pop tunes sung by actual singers on TV okay, and computer-voiced song on Internet not okay ? For now, regretfully, vocaloid seems to be accepted not as an instrument of music, but a singing toy for geeks.

Perhaps we are witnessing the rise of the new style of making and enjoying music, and their struggle to become widely accepted.

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