Simulate to Stimulate -“Cleavage Movement Simulator” featured on PSP game “Kamen no Maid Guy”

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 17:32 Feb. 25, 2009)

Good news for those who couldn't get a hand on iBoobs! PSP game Kamen no Maid Guy Boyoyon Battle Royal (Maid Guy in mask: Boing-boing Battle Royal) is to be released February 26th, and it carries the newly developed Super Tayunism Engine which simulates the movement of female cleavage. "Tayunism" comes from "Tayun-tayun", an onomatope discribing the movement. Let's take a look at some trailers.

Videos after the jump.

(Japanese)[Kamen no Maid Guy PSP] Boyoyon Battle Royal

Big wave.
YouTube - Kamen no Maid Guy BoyoBato Wave!

Video showing the development of Super Tayunism Engine. Naeka's breast bounces when she jumps.
YouTube - Kamen no Maid Guy BoyoBato Super Tayunism Engine in progress

The development of Super Tayunism Engine 2. Featuring Fubuki.
YouTube - Kamen no Maid Guy BoyoBato Super Tayunism Engine in progress 2

Trailer of the game.
YouTube - Kamen no Maid Guy BoyoBato Promotional Video for Retailers

The game is an adaption of manga Kamen no Maid Guy, divided to Visual novel part and fighting game part. To be released on February 26th.

You can download some papercrafts of the characters (PDF or PDO) from the link below.
(Japanese)[Kamen no Maid Guy PSP] Special: Download

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