The trailer and playable demos of “BORDER BREAK” - a 10 vs. 10 robot shooter at AOU 2009

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 02:21 Feb. 21, 2009.)

SEGA has announced their new third-person shooter "BORDER BREAK" at AOU 2009 arcade game show, Tokyo. It's a 10 vs 10 third-person shooter with unique features like a touch panel to chat with your team mate, 4 different types of "Blast Runneer", character modification and so on. But they had

In AOU 2009, SEGA described those features precisely in their trailer. Here are videos of their presentation. These will help you understand so many features SEGA has prepared. And there also is a video of playable demo.

There's 4 videos total in this article and playing time is rather long. So in addition to videos, we took screenshots of them and put a caption.

Read on for the details.

"Trailer No.1". The video with subtitles and narrations added to the one on the official site and YouTube.

"Trailer No.2" With a lot of narration which describes game systems and rules well.

"Playable demo No.1", describing actual steps to play.

"Playable demo No.2". Continutation of the video above.

The title cut of the game

"Assault" type. Equipped with a sword for mortal combat

"Heavy artillery" type

"Sniper" type. Said to have a "critical shot" feature.

"Support" type. For restoring and reconnaissance

Communicating with a touch panel.

Reporting enemy movement

Requesting repair

Commanding charge

Customized configurations can be memorized into an IC card.

You will earn bonus when you win the battle. You can choose the items from offered boxes which vary according to your contribution to the victory.

Using offered items, you can customize your weapons and machines.

The GAX gatling gun for "Heavy artillery" type. Higher firing rate and more rounds. But mobility goes down by 22%

Buying body parts. Shown are the manipulator arm. There's no limitation but you need to consume items and GP to get those.

Custom painting. It also needs GP. There's some "limited" color.

Distinguished and attracting characters for you avatar. No difference in abilities. Once you subscribe, you can't change your avatar.

Appearance is also changeable. Helmets, face, clothes etc.

Sample of customized avatars.

One credit is worth 300GP. 620GP for two and 1700GP for five.

One GP is for one second of game play, and you can respawn while you have your GP left.

IC card has usage limitation.

Tutorial for beginners. 250GP for basic control. Game rule descripton is also for 250GP.

Customize mode. Bodies, paints, weapons and characters.

Body customize.

Heads, bodies, arms and so on are paintable.

The paint seems to cost 150GGP, according to the video.

Three game modes. An online battle, personal drill, and a custmized mission.

All friends and foes are CPUs in personal drill mode.

Personal drill is staged in Scabi Valley. Mission objectives is to destroy all enemy cores. No bonus and scores available.

Armament type select. You can check teammates' numbers by type.

Spawn point select. Touch blue points on the map to select.

Sortie member list. Ranks, classes, names, weapon types, scores, and times they were killed are shown here.

Catapult to accelerate.

Nonaligned plant. Approach to occupy it.

Occupied plants can be used as a spawn point.

Description of snipe scope. The shot will be inaccurate without using scope.

A wire lift to move to higher position.

"Action" button to ride the lift.

The scope reticle.

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