AOU2009: “DEATH SMILES 2 - Merry Christmas in Devildom” - a gothic shoot’em up by Cave

(This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:56 Feb. 20, 2009.)

The Gothic Lolita fashion connects strongly to Japanese subculture. Never to mention the movie Kamikaze Girls, it appeears in many subculture-related contents, like comics and animes.

Video gamse are not an exception. In 2007 Amusement Machine Show the shooter "DEATH SMILES" was selected as the best game by a fan poll. It is a combination of gothic-lolita girls and massive shooter, which attracted shooter fans well. And today, it's back. The continuation "DEATHSMILES II - Makai no Merry Christmas(DEATHSMILES 2 - Merry Christmas in Devildom)" is revealed at this AOU 2009.

As same as the previous work, it features Manga artist Jyunya Inoue as a graphic president and Manabu Namiki of the Basiscape as a composer.

Read on for videos and photos of playable demos.

The Cave booth. Themed on snowy Christmas. Beautiful.

Lines of enthusiastic fans

Character panels

Description of "Familiar spirit mode" and "Spiritual field attack"

Staff uniform.

Staff uniform "Cave-chan 2"

The video. May be it's too small so the full screen mode will do good. Press the right button to jump to Eyevio video hosting site.

The playable demo is specially customized for this show.

Clearing Stage "How could everybody still be alive?"

Game over

This also help you as a info.

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