LEGO-motif camcoder appeared in Nurnberg Toy Fair 2009

In other articles, we disucussed the marketing strategy that a geek-related industry should adopt. That is, a geeky element merged with some non-geeky things attracts geeks very well, like rice and a girl or a pizza and anime heroines. And here comes another. A LEGO digital camcoder by a gadget manufacturer Digital Blue.

How does it look like? Read on for detail and photos.

TOY FAIR 2009 - Videocamera della LEGO

The product is displayed as a prototype in Nurnberg Toy Fair 2009, Germany. Although there has been no press release or a spec sheet available at the manufacturer's web page yet, it is estimated as a merger of LEGO motif and a so-called "toy camera". Coming with 1.4 inch flip out LCD which is good enough for everyday use.

Its colors and tastes are completely in LEGO style, but more hand-built feelings would make the product more lovely. It still is a prototype so there will be more brushups and imporovements on both functions and designs.

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